Our company has long term experiences with trading and providing support for electronic materials to various applications and customers. Thanks to really close cooperation with leading producers mainly from Japan, we are able to provide suitable solution which will satisfy your needs.

We are covering large EMEA area and our customers are located from Israel to Norway and from United Kingdom to Poland, where we are providing wide range of services and also individual custom-made solutions.

Since 2004 our company participated and be involved in various interesting projects in Europe, like special materials for photovoltaic wafers production, electro conductive display materials, radio frequency emitting technologies and others. As the most interesting example of our various activities would be usage of RFID technology for tracking the bees, tracking the small spare parts of sport’s cars or personal equipment, which we realized thanks to really tiny RFID tag made in Japan. Technology which our company is handling is in the most of LCD displays, which we are surrounded nowadays and this technology is also keystone and reason why current LCD displays modules can be so narrow and at the end the mobile equipment so handy for consumers.

Instead of really long list up of products which we are able to provide, please have a look to below photos for reference and kindly contact us for individual discussion and support.

Reference pictures:

RFID tag: Item tracking

UHF Ultra small Package tag

Anisotropic conductive film