Our history began with coating material. We have been supplying paints and chemical products to many customers in wide range of industries such as manufacturer of steel, heavy electric equipment, home appliances, motorcycles, tractors, trains and etc since our founding in 1949.

We supply chemicals and coating materials to manufacturing companies in Czech Republic and Europe since 2004.

We have a team of experienced chemists and we can provide with high level of technical support.

For better and more precise knowledge about what our Corporation is covering in Chemical field, please have a look at below short description and reference photos.

Industrial coatings:

  • Precoat Metal Paints
  • Building Material Paints
  • Machine Paints and Vehicle Paints

Automotive/Motorcycle Coatings:

  • Automotive and Motorcycle Paints

Marine Coatings:

  • Anti-fouling Paints
  • Protective Paints
  • Functional Marine Paints

Functional Coatings:

  • Environment-compatible Paints
  • Antibacterial Paints
  • Thermal Insulation Paints

Other Coatings:

  • Architecture Paints
  • Heavy-duty Anti-corrosion Paints

Oils and Protect Films:

  • Cutting Fluids/Oil Detergents
  • Anti-rust and De-rusting Materials
  • Remover Agents, Fluorine-based Surfactants